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China wholesaler R Series Motor Speed Reducer Helical Gearbox Electric Reverse Gear Box for Buggy Industry in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Auto Part Reducer Transmission gearbox design

Product Description

R series motor speed reducer helical gearbox electric reverse gear box for buggy industry in line shaft Coaxial geared motors auto part reducer transmission

 R helical concentric gearbox speed reducer decelerator has the features of high versatility,good combination and heavy loading capability, along with other merits such as easy to attain various transmission ratios, high efficiency, low vibrationand high permissible axis radial load. This series can not only be combined with various kinds of reducers and variators and meet the requirements, but also beadvantage of localization of related transmission equipment.
1) Output speed: 0.6~1,571rpm
2) Output torque: up to 18,000N.m
3) Motor power: 0.18~160kW
4) Mounted form: foot-mounted and flange-mounted mounting

Product Name SLR Series  Rigid Tooth  helical reducer 
Gear Material 20CrMnTi 
Case Material HT250
Shaft Material  20CrMnTi
Gear Processing Grinding finish by HOFLER Grinding Machines
Color  Customized
Noise Test Bellow 65dB

company information



Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Layout: Coaxial
Type: Gear Reducer
Transport Package: Wooden Case
US$ 999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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gear gearbox

Can you provide real-world examples of products that use gear reducer technology?

Certainly! Gear reducer technology is widely used in various industries and products to enhance performance and efficiency. Here are some real-world examples:

1. Industrial Machinery: Gear reducers are commonly used in manufacturing machinery, such as conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and assembly lines, where they help control speed and torque for precise operations.

2. Wind Turbines: Wind turbines utilize gear reducers to transform the low rotational speed of the wind turbine rotor into the higher speed needed for electricity generation, optimizing energy conversion.

3. Automotive Transmissions: Automobiles use gear reducers as part of their transmissions to optimize power delivery from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to operate efficiently at different speeds.

4. Robotics: Robotic systems rely on gear reducers to control the movement and articulation of robot arms, enabling precise and controlled motion for various applications.

5. Printing Presses: Gear reducers are integral to printing presses, ensuring accurate and synchronized movement of printing plates, rollers, and paper feed mechanisms.

6. Conveyor Belts: Conveyor systems in industries like mining, agriculture, and logistics use gear reducers to regulate the movement of materials along the conveyor belts.

7. Packaging Machinery: Gear reducers play a crucial role in packaging machines, controlling the speed and movement of packaging materials, filling mechanisms, and sealing components.

8. Cranes and Hoists: Cranes and hoists rely on gear reducers to lift heavy loads with precision and control, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.

9. Pumps and Compressors: Gear reducers are utilized in pumps and compressors to regulate fluid flow and pressure, optimizing energy usage in fluid transportation systems.

10. Agriculture Equipment: Tractors and other agricultural machinery use gear reducers to adjust the speed and power delivery for different tasks, such as plowing, planting, and harvesting.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of gear reducer technology across various industries, showcasing their role in enhancing efficiency, control, and performance in a wide range of products and systems.

gear gearbox

What role do gear ratios play in optimizing the performance of gear reducers?

Gear ratios play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of gear reducers by determining the relationship between input and output speeds and torques. A gear ratio is the ratio of the number of teeth between two meshing gears, and it directly influences the mechanical advantage and efficiency of the gear reducer.

1. Speed and Torque Conversion: Gear ratios allow gear reducers to convert rotational speed and torque according to the needs of a specific application. By selecting appropriate gear ratios, gear reducers can either reduce speed while increasing torque (speed reduction) or increase speed while decreasing torque (speed increase).

2. Mechanical Advantage: Gear reducers leverage gear ratios to provide mechanical advantage. In speed reduction configurations, a higher gear ratio results in a greater mechanical advantage, allowing the output shaft to deliver higher torque at a lower speed. This is beneficial for applications requiring increased force or torque, such as heavy machinery or conveyor systems.

3. Efficiency: Optimal gear ratios contribute to higher efficiency in gear reducers. By distributing the load across multiple gear teeth, gear reducers with suitable gear ratios minimize stress and wear on individual gear teeth, leading to improved overall efficiency and prolonged lifespan.

4. Speed Matching: Gear ratios enable gear reducers to match the rotational speeds of input and output shafts. This is crucial in applications where precise speed synchronization is required, such as in conveyors, robotics, and manufacturing processes.

When selecting gear ratios for a gear reducer, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the application, including desired speed, torque, efficiency, and mechanical advantage. Properly chosen gear ratios enhance the overall performance and reliability of gear reducers in a wide range of industrial and mechanical systems.

gear gearbox

How do gear reducers contribute to speed reduction and torque increase?

Gear reducers play a crucial role in mechanical systems by achieving speed reduction and torque increase through the principle of gear ratios. Here’s how they work:

Gear reducers consist of multiple gears with different sizes, known as gear pairs. These gears are meshed together, and their teeth interlock to transmit motion and power. The gear ratio is determined by the ratio of the number of teeth on the input gear (driver) to the number of teeth on the output gear (driven).

Speed Reduction: When a larger gear (output gear) is driven by a smaller gear (input gear), the output gear rotates at a slower speed than the input gear. This reduction in speed is proportional to the gear ratio. As a result, gear reducers are used to slow down the rotational speed of the output shaft compared to the input shaft.

Torque Increase: The interlocking teeth of gears create a mechanical advantage that allows gear reducers to increase torque output. When the input gear applies a force (torque) to the teeth, it is transmitted to the output gear with greater force due to the leverage provided by the larger diameter of the output gear. The torque increase is inversely proportional to the gear ratio and is essential for applications requiring high torque at lower speeds.

By selecting appropriate gear ratios and arranging gear pairs, gear reducers can achieve various speed reduction and torque multiplication factors, making them essential components in machinery and equipment where precise control of speed and torque is necessary.

China wholesaler R Series Motor Speed Reducer Helical Gearbox Electric Reverse Gear Box for Buggy Industry in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Auto Part Reducer Transmission   gearbox design		China wholesaler R Series Motor Speed Reducer Helical Gearbox Electric Reverse Gear Box for Buggy Industry in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Auto Part Reducer Transmission   gearbox design
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China Hot selling 1.5kw CZPT 6p CZPT Spare Part End Carriage Driven Motor Geared Reducer with high quality

Merchandise Description

1.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare element stop carriage driven motor geared reducer

1.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare portion conclude carriage driven motor geared reducer breif introduction:

Gearbox cast iron(FC25) material, high tension, high precision. 
Gear Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220&SCM415) with heat treatment of vacuum
Shaft alignment and grinding, high accurate, high abrasion and strike resistance, 
up 5 times safety factor,long service life.

adopt soft starting and flywheel, make start and brake stable, smooth and not shake, 
and ensure motor high inertia movement.


easy heat dissipation, good high voltage resistance, low noise, high performance, 
high torque, low current, small size, strong output power, high operation frequency.

Electromagnetic brake

Strong braking force, bolt control braking force directly, braking pad high wear 
resistance, ensures it strong stability, long service life.

one.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare portion finish carriage driven motor geared reducer proportions: 

1.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare portion conclude carriage driven motor geared reducer Parameters:  

Product Electrical power Number of poles Output gear Module Reduction ratio Rotation pace Voltage
with buffer
2.2Kw 4P M4,M5,M6 16:1 92R/min(50Hz) 110R/min(60Hz) 200-600V/3Phase
1.5Kw 6P 61R/min(50Hz) 73R/min(60Hz)
one.5&.5Kw four/12P 92/31R/min(50Hz) one hundred ten&37R/min(60Hz)

KD-three hundred M3.five Enamel 19T 21T 23T 25T 27T

Reduction ratio:7.7:1  

Output shaft:112Rotate

Pace 17m/min eighteen.8m/min twenty.5m/min 22.3m/mim 24.2m/min
M4 Teeth 16T 17T 18T 19T 20T 21T
Speed sixteen.5m/min seventeen.5m/min 18.6m/min 19.6m/min 20.7m/min 21.7m/min
M5 Tooth 13T 14T 15T 16T 17T 18T
Speed 16.7m/min 18m/min 19.3m/min twenty.6m/min 21.9m/min 23.2m/min
M6 Tooth 11T 12T 13T 14T 15T
Speed seventeen.4m/min 19m/min 20.5m/mim 22.2m/min 23.7m/min

one.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare component conclude carriage pushed motor geared reducer Application:
one.5Kw CZPT 6P crane spare part finish carriage pushed motor geared reducer features:

We are seasoned transmission sellers and offer you a vast range of transmissions, an crucial element of several push methods. Gearboxes can be employed to lessen or increase speed, increase torque, reverse or change the path of a push shaft. Gearboxes are also acknowledged as gear drives, velocity reducers, gear motors, pace reducers and gear reducers.
These compact, light-weight, minimal backlash inline equipment reducers have been initially developed for encoder programs. They are also appropriate for several other travel techniques. Encoder gear reducers have a quite lower instant of inertia at the shaft enter and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two frame sizes are accessible with equipment ratios from 4.ninety six:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are accessible from stock.

China Hot selling 1.5kw CZPT 6p CZPT Spare Component End Carriage Driven Motor Geared Reducer     with large top quality