China supplier RV 5r/min 0.75Kw Input Power Highe Speed/Precision Robot Arm Cycloidal Pin Wheel Reducer-E Series near me supplier

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RV 5r/min .75Kw Enter Energy Highe Pace/Precision Robotic Arm Cycloidal Pin Wheel Reducer-E Sequence

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More Code And Specification:

E sequence C series
Code Define dimension  General product Code Outline dimension The first code
a hundred and twenty Φ122 6E 10C Φ145 a hundred and fifty
150 Φ145 20E 27C Φ181 one hundred eighty
190 Φ190 40E 50C Φ222 220
220 Φ222 80E 100C Φ250 250
250 Φ244 110E 200C Φ345 350
280 Φ280 160E 320C Φ440 440
320 Φ325 320E 500C Φ520 520
370 Φ370 450E      

Gear ratio And Specification

E Sequence C Sequence
Code Reduction Ratio New code  Monomer reduction ratio
one hundred twenty forty three,fifty three.5,fifty nine,79,103 10CBX 27.00
150 81,one zero five,121,141,161 27CBX 36.fifty seven
190 81,one zero five,121,153 50CBX 32.54
220 eighty one,101,121,153 100CBX 36.seventy five
250 eighty one,111,161,one hundred seventy five.28 200CBX 34.86
280 81,101,129,145,171 320CBX 35.sixty one
320 81,one hundred and one,118.5,129,141,171,185 500CBX 37.34
370 eighty one,a hundred and one,118.5,129,154.8,171,192.four    
Note 1: E series,this kind of as by the shell(pin shell)output,the corresponding reduction ratio by 1
Note 2: C sequence equipment ratio refers to the motor put in in the casing of the reduction ratio,if mounted on the output flange aspect,the corresponding reduction ratio by one

Reducer type code
REV: principal bearing created-in E variety
RVC: hollow type
REA: with input flange E variety
RCA: with input flange hollow type


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Q: What’re your principal products?
A: We at the moment create Brushed Dc Motors, Brushed Dc Gear Motors, Planetary Dc Gear Motors, Brushless Dc Motors, Stepper motors, Ac Motors and Large Precision Planetary Equipment Box and so forth. You can check the specs for previously mentioned motors on our site and you can e-mail us to suggest essential motors for every your specification too.

Q: How to choose a suitable motor?
A:If you have motor pictures or drawings to present us, or you have in depth specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor dimension, doing work method of the motor, necessary lifetime and sounds amount etc, make sure you do not be reluctant to permit us know, then we can recommend ideal motor for every your ask for appropriately.

Q: Do you have a custom-made provider for your standard motors?
A: Yes, we can customize per your ask for for the voltage, pace, torque and shaft dimension/form. If you require extra wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to have to include connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it way too.

Q: Do you have an personal design services for motors?
A: Sure, we would like to layout motors independently for our clients, but it might need to have some mildew creating price and design and style charge.

Q: What is your direct time?
A: Normally speaking, our regular normal item will need to have fifteen-30days, a little bit longer for customized merchandise. But we are extremely versatile on the direct time, it will depend on the certain orders.

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When hunting at a reducer vs a gearbox, typically the only variation is terminology. This is since all reducers are gearboxes. Nevertheless, not all gearboxes are retarders. This might seem difficult, but it’s truly quite simple. A reducer is a gear set amongst the motor and the equipment. The purpose of the reducer is to minimize the rotational pace transferred between these two endpoints. The reducer amplifies and multiplies the torque (input) produced by the motor. Second, a reducer, as the title implies, reduces the speed of the input (output in rpm) so that the output is the proper speed. The term “gearbox” is just a generic expression used for the gear practice between the motor and the equipment. For that reason, all reducers are gearboxes. However, not all gearboxes lessen enter speed. Though unheard of, gearboxes can really increase enter speeds. By much the most common kind of gearbox is a retarder, but it would be incorrect to say that all gearboxes are retarders.
Planetary gearboxes are employed in different instances in which large effectiveness and large reduction ratio are necessary in a tiny place. Showcasing large precision and large torque-to-quantity ratio, it is best for torque enhance, deceleration, specific positioning and control of regenerative machinery. To make sure that the selected planetary gearbox is the ideal fit for your software, it is important to take into account parameters such as torque, backlash and gear ratios when choosing a planetary gearbox.

China supplier RV 5r/min 0.75Kw Input Power Highe Speed/Precision Robot Arm Cycloidal Pin Wheel Reducer-E Series     near me supplier