China supplier Low Noise Harmonic Drive Speed Reducer for Robot Arm near me manufacturer

Solution Description

Product Description:

1.Flexspline is a hollow flanging standard cylinder composition.

2.There is a huge-diameter hollow shaft hole in the middle of the cam of the wave generator. The interior style of the reducer has a assistance bearing.

three.It has a completely sealed composition and is effortless to set up. It is extremely appropriate for the events the place the wire requirements to be threaded from the centre of the reducer.


The very first:High precision,higher torque

The next:committed technological personnel can be on-the-go to give design options

The third:Factory direct income fantastic workmanship resilient good quality assurance

The fourth:Solution high quality troubles have a a single-year warranty time, can be returned for alternative or repair

Firm profile:


HangZhou CZPT Engineering Co., Ltd. established in 2014, is committed to the R & D plant of higher-precision transmission components. At current, the once-a-year manufacturing potential can achieve 45000 sets of harmonic reducers. We firmly imagine in good quality first. All hyperlinks from raw materials to finished products are strictly supervised and managed, which provides a strong foundation for item quality. Our items are sold all over the nation and abroad.

The harmonic reducer and other high-precision transmission factors have been independently created by the firm. Our organization spends 20% of its sales every single yr on the study and improvement of new technologies in the business. There are 5 individuals in R & D.

Our gain is as beneath:

one.7 many years of advertising and marketing encounter

2. 5-individual R & D team to give you with specialized assistance

3. It is offered at home and overseas and exported to Turkey and Eire

four. The product good quality is guaranteed with a one particular-12 months guarantee

five. Goods can be personalized

Energy manufacturing unit:

Our plant has an entire campus The quantity of workshops is all around 300 Whether or not it’s from the production of uncooked resources and the procurement of raw supplies to the inspection of concluded items, we’re undertaking it ourselves. There is a comprehensive creation method

HST-III Parameter:

Model Speed ratio Enter the rated torque at 2000r/min Allowed peak torque at begin stop The allowable optimum of the typical load torque Maximum torque is allowed in an instant Enable the optimum velocity to be entered Average enter velocity is permitted Back again gap design and style daily life
NM kgfm NM kgfm NM kgfm NM kgfm r / min r / min Arc sec Hour
14 fifty 6.two .six 20.7 seven.nine .seven forty.three four.1 7000 3000 ≤30 10000
eighty nine .nine 27 1.three fifty four.1 five.five
100 nine .nine 32 3.three one.3 sixty two.1 six.three
17 fifty 18.four one.nine 39 4 29.9 3 80.5 eight.two 6500 3000 ≤30 15000
80 twenty five.3 two.6 49.5 five 31 three.2 one hundred.1 ten.2
a hundred 27.six two.8 62 6.three 45 4.six 124.two
20 50 28.8 two.9 64.4 6.six 39 four eleven.5 5600 3000 ≤30 15000
80 39.1 4 eighty five 8.eight fifty four 5.5 146.1 14.nine
one hundred 46 ninety four.3 9.six fifty six 5.8 seventeen.2
a hundred and twenty 46 four.7 100 10.2 fifty six five.eight seventeen.two
160 46 four.7 a hundred ten.two fifty six 5.8 169.1 17.two
25 fifty forty four.9 four.6 113 eleven.5 sixty three 6.5 213.nine 21.8 4800 3000 ≤30 15000
80 72.5 7.4 158 100 ten.2 293.three 29.nine
one hundred seventy seven.1 7.nine 181 18.4 124 twelve.7 326.six 33.three
120 77.1 7.nine 192 19.six 124 twelve.7 349.6 35.6
32 50 87.four 8.nine 248 twenty five.three 124 439 forty four.eight 4000 3000 ≤30 15000
eighty a hundred thirty five.7 13.8 350 35.6 192 19.6 653 sixty six.six
100 157.6 16.1 383 39.1 248 25.three 744 seventy five.nine
forty 100 308 37.two 660 67 432 44 1232 4000 3000 ≤30 15000

HSG Parameter:

Model Speed ratio Enter the rated torque at 2000r/min Allowed peak torque at start off stop The allowable maximum of the common load torque Maximum torque is permitted in an immediate Enable the greatest velocity to be entered Typical enter speed is allowed Again gap design and style lifestyle
NM kgfm NM kgfm NM kgfm NM kgfm r / min r / min Arc sec Hour
14 50 seven .7 23 2.three nine .9 forty six four.7 14000 8500 ≤20 15000
eighty 10 one thirty three.1 14 one.four sixty one six.two
100 10 one 36 14 1.4 70 seven.two
17 50 21 44 four.five 34 3.4 91 nine 10000 7300 ≤20 20000
eighty 29 2.9 56 35 3.six 113 twelve
100 31 3.two 70 seven.two fifty one five.two 143 15
20 fifty 33 3.three seventy three 7.4 forty four four.five 127 thirteen 10000 6500 ≤20 20000
eighty forty four four.five ninety six 9.eight 61 6.2 one hundred sixty five 17
100 fifty two five.3 107 ten.9 64 6.five 191 20
one hundred twenty 52 5.3 113 11.five 64 six.5 191 twenty
160 fifty two five.three a hundred and twenty 12.two sixty four six.5 191 20
25 fifty fifty one five.2 127 13 seventy two 7.3 242 25 7500 5600 ≤20 20000
eighty eighty two eight.four 178 18 113 twelve 332 34
a hundred 87 eight.nine 204 21 one hundred forty fourteen 369 38
a hundred and twenty 87 8.nine 217 22 a hundred and forty fourteen 395 forty
32 fifty ninety nine 10 281 29 a hundred and forty 14 497 fifty one 7000 4800 ≤20 20000
eighty 153 16 395 40 217 22 738 seventy five
a hundred 178 eighteen 433 forty four 281 29 841 86
40 a hundred 345 35 738 seventy five 484 forty nine 1400 143 5600 4000 ≤20 20000

Application circumstance:

Q: What need to I offer when I select gearbox/velocity reducer?
A: The very best way is to give the motor drawing with parameter. Our engineer will check and suggest the most ideal gearbox product for your refer.
Or you can also give underneath specification as properly:
one) Variety, product and torque.
two) Ratio or output velocity
3) Functioning situation and connection approach
4) High quality and put in device identify
five) Input manner and input pace
6) Motor model design or flange and motor shaft size

Gearboxes are mechanical gadgets that support generate programs preserve ideal velocity and torque for apps. Also identified as gearboxes and gear drives, they minimize the rotational velocity of the enter shaft by a specified percentage and increase the electricity delivered to the output shaft by the same share. Ratio multipliers increase the deceleration and torque offered by the reducer by a specified ratio and are suited for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are equipment utilized with the reducer. They are generally utilised in apps in which the reducer is not directly linked to the generate mechanism.
Equipment reducers are also known as reducers. Mechanical equipment, by both of these two names, are developed to reduce the power transferred between the motor and the equipment amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions for each minute). The reducer successfully minimizes the rotational velocity developed by the motor, thereby managing the speed at which the equipment runs and escalating the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque produced by the motor boosts the machine’s available power – a process identified as “mechanical dominance”. In a bigger context, gear reducers are generally instruments used to increase the effectiveness of products operation.

China supplier Low Noise Harmonic Drive Speed Reducer for Robot Arm     near me manufacturer