China R Series Helical Reduction Gearbox for Agiator gearbox adjustment

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Product Description

D sequence equipment motor is composed of two-phase or 3-phase gears. The input shaft and output shaft are inline.

Mounting placement: footed mounting, flange mounting, both flange and footed mounting, and so forth.

Specialized info:

Output speed 10 ~ 800 rpm

Rated output torque 10 ~ 20000 Nm

Motor power 0.twelve ~ 200 KW

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Product Functions
1. D sequence helical gear motor very own rational design, compact development, smaller measurement than cycloidal Gearmotor at the exact same permitted torque.
2. Little vibration and minimal sounds, with higher transmission effectiveness.
3. The products have been mainly used in chemical equipment, cement agitator machinery, printing and packaging machinery, mine and power transmission equipment, metallurgy, and so forth.
General Technological knowledge
Housing substance HT250 substantial-energy cast iron
Housing hardness HBS190-240
Pinion material 20CrMnTiH
Gear substance 20CrMnTiH
Surface hardness of gears HRC58°~62 °
Gear main hardness HRC33~40
Input/output shaft material 40CrMnTiH
Input / Output shaft hardness HRC25~thirty
Machining precision of gears accurate grinding, 6~7 Grade
Lubricating oil  L-CKC220  (GB 5903-ninety five) 
Heat treatment tempering, cementing, quenching, and many others.
Efficiency 94%~96% (depends on the transmission phase) 
Noise (MAX) 60~68dB
Temp. rise  (MAX) 40°C 
Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX) 50°C
Vibration ≤20µm
Backlash ≤20Arcmin
Brand of bearings China Top model C&U, LYC, TMB or other manufacturers asked for, N S K…..
Brand of oil seal CTY— ZheJiang or other brands asked for
D —- sequence helical equipment motor
D-collection solitary phases
Model Output Shaft Dia. Middle Height Output Flange Dia. Electricity Ratio Permitted Torque Excess weight
Strong (mm)  (mm) (mm) (kW) (Nm) (KGS)
D37 25k6 90h13 one hundred ten/160 .12~three 4~a hundred thirty five 210 11
D47 30k6 115h13 110/one hundred sixty .12~5.five four~172 335 16
D57 35k6 115h13 130/200 .twelve~7.5 5~188 490 19
D67 35k6 130h13 a hundred and eighty/250 .twelve~7.5 5~193 570 28
D77 40k6 140h13 230/300 .eighteen~eleven 5~197 890 39
D87 50k6 180h13 250/350 .fifty five~22 five~246 1660 65
D97 60m6 225h13 350/450 .fifty five~thirty 5~290 3000 110
D107 70m6 250h13 350/450 one.5~forty five 2~249 4550 two hundred
D137 90m6 315h13 450/550 three~fifty five 5~220 9270 280
D147 110m6 355h13 450/550 four~90 five~167 14940 430
D167 120m6 425h13 550/660 seven.5~one hundred sixty ten~230 20880 650
D series double stages 
Model Output Shaft Dia. Centre Peak Output Flange Dia. Electrical power Ratio Permitted Torque Output Speed 
Strong (mm)  (mm) (mm) (kW) (Nm) (RPM)
D27D17 25k6 90h13 ninety five/a hundred and forty .twelve~.eighteen 90~229 140 6~15
D37D17 25k6 90h13 110/a hundred and sixty .12~.twenty five 90~156 225 four.1~fourteen
D47D37 30k6 115h13 110/160 .twelve~.twenty five 154~572 340 2.4~8.five
D57D37 35k6 115h13 one hundred thirty/200 .12~.twenty five 142~782 477 1.8~9.two
D67D37 35k6 130h13 one hundred eighty/250 .12~.37 158~956 590 one.4~8.2
D77D37 40k6 140h13 230/three hundred .twelve~.fifty five 186~1430 880 .97~7.3
D87D57 50k6 180h13 250/350 195~2873 1665 .forty eight~7.2
D97D57 60m6 225h13 350/450 .12~2.2 209~4678 2930 .29~6.8
D107D77 70m6 250h13 350/450 .twelve~2.two 214~7583 4510 .18-6.6
D137D77 90m6 315h13 450/550 .12~four 35.1~12921 9090 .11~6.3
D147D77 110m6 355h13 450/550 .twelve~4 415~21342 14940 .06~3.4
D147D87 110m6 355h13 450/550 one.5~11 159~533 14940
D167D97 120m6 425h13 550/660 one.5~eleven 279~2333 25710 .6~5.two
D167D107 120m6 425h13 550/660 11 four.9~8.5 17640 four.9~8.5
Remark: the fat with out oil and motor, shaft, and flange enter include 10%.

Package deal

Plastic bag + wood carton

Company  Profiles

-We are a major equipment motor manufacturer
ZHangZhoug Xihu (West Lake) Dis.hai Reducer is a major producer of equipment motors and gearboxes.
Since 1991, we have specialized in manufacturing a broad assortment of gear motors and gearboxes which includes:

  • helical gear motor
  • helical bevel gear motor
  • parallel shaft helical equipment motor
  • helical worm equipment motor
  • hoist drive
  • large-responsibility helical gearbox
  • heavy-obligation helical bevel gearbox
  • gear motor for the automobile parking program
  • spiral bevel gearbox


Q: Can you print other colours?
Sure. Personalized hues can be printed on the equipment motor in accordance to your requirements.
Q: Is that the manufacturing facility price?
Indeed. We assure you all charges are based on the factory.
Q:  What is the lifespan? what is the guarantee
The lifespan of a equipment motor can get to 5-20 years depending on distinct working situations. The promise time is 1 calendar year after shipping and delivery.
Q: What paperwork are offered?
A entire variety of files which includes structural drawings, packing checklist, installation manual, and relative certificates can be provided. Additionally, customs declaration is presented. We provide a a single-quit services for you. 
Q: Is it able to customise?
sure, we could re-style and generate the gear motor for your request if the whole or plHangZhou amount is enough.

Application: Motor, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery
Function: Change Drive Torque, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step


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