China Professional Truck Reducer/Gear Assembly for Ud F RF-Rg-Rh Truck Parts cvt gearbox

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                a.; Case casted by QT500-7 ductile iron,; with good toughness & performance,; CNC machined with primary shaping,; measure by CMM machine to control its precision.;

                b.; Use orginal bearing KOYO,; NSK,; NACHI from Japan,; with longer lifetime.;

                c.; With oil seal NOK,; to seal up better.;

2);.;Speed Ratio:;   F 5*37/6*39/6*41/7*36/7*39/8*37/9*37/9*39 etc.;

3);.;Replace for:;  UD F RF-RG-RH 


Can be made according to customers’ drawings and/or samples;


Inner & Outer packing:;With poly bag,; then packed by pallet.;

We can also provide carton boxes fastened with pallet

According to customers’ requirements.;

About us:;   
We are special and reliable manufacturer of V stay,; torque rod,; torque rod bush,; repair kits,; rubber support,; differential assembly(differential case,; gear,; input/cross shaft etc.;); and other truck parts

Products range:;

 European trucks:;  Mercedes benz,; Volvo,; Scania,; MAN,; DAF,; RVI,; Iveco.;

 Chinese trucks:;  Steyr,; Howo,; Faw,; Xihu (West Lake) Dis.deng,; ZheJiang ,; EQ153,; Foton,; CAMC,; Kinglong,; Golden Dragon,; Yutong.; Japanese trucks:;  Hino,; Nissan,;Mitsubish,; Isuzu.;

 Korean trucks:;  Hyundai,; KIA

We are a factory specialised in producing truck parts,; chassis parts suitable for use in Japanese Truck,; Sino Trucks and Euro Trucks.;

We can custom make or with drawings/samples,; OE numbers,; We can produce the mould for making.; 

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Condition: New
Axle Number: 1
Application: Truck
Certification: CE, ISO
Material: Steel
Type: Rear Axles


Customized Request

gear gearbox

Can you provide real-world examples of products that use gear reducer technology?

Certainly! Gear reducer technology is widely used in various industries and products to enhance performance and efficiency. Here are some real-world examples:

1. Industrial Machinery: Gear reducers are commonly used in manufacturing machinery, such as conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and assembly lines, where they help control speed and torque for precise operations.

2. Wind Turbines: Wind turbines utilize gear reducers to transform the low rotational speed of the wind turbine rotor into the higher speed needed for electricity generation, optimizing energy conversion.

3. Automotive Transmissions: Automobiles use gear reducers as part of their transmissions to optimize power delivery from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to operate efficiently at different speeds.

4. Robotics: Robotic systems rely on gear reducers to control the movement and articulation of robot arms, enabling precise and controlled motion for various applications.

5. Printing Presses: Gear reducers are integral to printing presses, ensuring accurate and synchronized movement of printing plates, rollers, and paper feed mechanisms.

6. Conveyor Belts: Conveyor systems in industries like mining, agriculture, and logistics use gear reducers to regulate the movement of materials along the conveyor belts.

7. Packaging Machinery: Gear reducers play a crucial role in packaging machines, controlling the speed and movement of packaging materials, filling mechanisms, and sealing components.

8. Cranes and Hoists: Cranes and hoists rely on gear reducers to lift heavy loads with precision and control, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.

9. Pumps and Compressors: Gear reducers are utilized in pumps and compressors to regulate fluid flow and pressure, optimizing energy usage in fluid transportation systems.

10. Agriculture Equipment: Tractors and other agricultural machinery use gear reducers to adjust the speed and power delivery for different tasks, such as plowing, planting, and harvesting.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of gear reducer technology across various industries, showcasing their role in enhancing efficiency, control, and performance in a wide range of products and systems.

gear gearbox

Can gear reducers be used for both speed reduction and speed increase?

Yes, gear reducers can be utilized for both speed reduction and speed increase, depending on their design and arrangement. The functionality to either decrease or increase rotational speed is achieved by altering the arrangement of gears within the gearbox.

1. Speed Reduction: In speed reduction applications, a gear reducer is designed with gears of different sizes. The input shaft connects to a larger gear, while the output shaft is connected to a smaller gear. As the input shaft rotates, the larger gear turns the smaller gear, resulting in a decrease in output speed compared to the input speed. This configuration provides higher torque output at a lower speed, making it suitable for applications that require increased force or torque.

2. Speed Increase: For speed increase, the gear arrangement is reversed. The input shaft connects to a smaller gear, while the output shaft is connected to a larger gear. As the input shaft rotates, the smaller gear drives the larger gear, resulting in an increase in output speed compared to the input speed. However, the torque output is lower than that of speed reduction configurations.

By choosing the appropriate gear ratios and arrangement, gear reducers can be customized to meet specific speed and torque requirements for various industrial applications. It’s important to select the right type of gear reducer and configure it correctly to achieve the desired speed reduction or speed increase.

gear gearbox

What are the benefits of using a gear reducer in industrial applications?

Gear reducers offer several benefits that make them indispensable in various industrial applications:

1. Speed Reduction: Gear reducers allow the reduction of high-speed input from motors or engines to lower, more usable output speeds for specific applications, ensuring proper equipment operation and safety.

2. Torque Increase: By leveraging the mechanical advantage of gear ratios, gear reducers can significantly increase torque output, enabling the handling of heavy loads and providing the necessary power for tasks such as lifting, conveying, and processing.

3. Precise Control: Gear reducers enable fine-tuning of rotational speed and torque, providing precise control over machinery and processes, which is crucial in industries like manufacturing, material handling, and robotics.

4. Shock Load Absorption: Gear reducers can absorb and dampen sudden shocks or changes in load, protecting both the machinery and connected components from abrupt forces that could otherwise lead to damage.

5. Versatility: With various gear types (e.g., spur, helical, worm) and designs, gear reducers can be tailored to different applications, including those requiring specific speed ratios, torque ranges, and environmental conditions.

6. Efficient Power Transmission: Gear reducers offer high mechanical efficiency, minimizing energy loss during power transmission, which is especially valuable in energy-conscious industries.

7. Compact Design: Gear reducers provide a compact solution for transmitting power and adjusting speeds, making them suitable for installations with space constraints.

8. Reliability and Longevity: Well-designed and properly maintained gear reducers can offer extended service life, contributing to reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Overall, gear reducers enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of industrial equipment, making them essential components in a wide range of applications across various industries.

China Professional Truck Reducer/Gear Assembly for Ud F RF-Rg-Rh Truck Parts   cvt gearbox	China Professional Truck Reducer/Gear Assembly for Ud F RF-Rg-Rh Truck Parts   cvt gearbox
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