China high quality Low Noise Planetary Gear Reducer for Axial Fan with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

Direct-related Planetary Gear Reducer — NDQ Collection

The pace reducer is a direct-linked planetary equipment reducer, adopts a hard tooth surface area technologies. 

Construction is compact, light-weight excess weight and higher torque.



– Compact construction, sturdy overload capacity.

– Mild excess weight and little dimensions.

– Simple installation and routine maintenance.


Product Description


Design Motor Specification Noise Value
(JM Distance )
 (KG )
Gear Box
 ( KG )
 ( KG )
NDQ 132-4-a hundred sixty five V1  4kw-6(132M1) 67 64 55 119
NDQ 132-4-210 V1  4kw-4(112M)(+) sixty eight 46 55 101
NDQ 132-4-250 V1  4kw-4(112M)(+) sixty eight forty six 55 a hundred and one
NDQ 132-4-320 V1  4kw-4(112M)(+) sixty eight forty six 55 101
NDQ 132-5.5-165 V1  5.5kw-6(132M2) 67 seventy five fifty five a hundred thirty
NDQ 132-5.5-210 V1  5.5kw-4(132S1) sixty eight fifty nine 55 114
NDQ 132-5.5-250 V1  5.5kw-4(132S1) sixty eight fifty nine 55 114
NDQ 132-5.5-320 V1  5.5kw-4(132S1) 68 fifty nine 55 114
NDQ 132-7.5-210 V1  7.5kw-4(132M) sixty eight seventy two.five 55 127.five
NDQ 132-7.5-250 V1  7.5kw-4(132M) sixty eight seventy two.five fifty five 127.five
NDQ 132-7.5-320 V1  7.5kw-4(132M) 68 eighty one fifty five 136
NDQ 160-eleven-165 V1  11kw-6(160L) 68 147 eighty three 230
NDQ 160-11-210 V1  11kw-4(160M) 70 107 83 one hundred ninety
NDQ 160-11-250 V1  11kw-4(160M) 70 107 eighty three a hundred ninety
NDQ 160-eleven-320 V1  11kw-4(160M) 70 107 83 one hundred ninety
NDQ 160-fifteen-165 V1  15kw-6(180L) 70 190 83 273
NDQ 160-fifteen-210 V1  15kw-4(160L) 70 144 eighty three 227
NDQ 160-fifteen-250 V1  15kw-4(160L) 70 one hundred forty four eighty three 227
NDQ 160-eighteen.5-210 V1  18.5kw-4(180M) 70 153 eighty three 236
NDQ 160-eighteen.5-250 V1  18.5kw-4(180M) 70 153 83 236
NDQ 160-22-210 V1  22kw-4(180L) 70 170 eighty three 253
NDQ 160-22-250 V1  22kw-4(180L) 68 a hundred and seventy eighty three 253
NDQ 200-15-a hundred twenty five V1  15kw-6(180L) seventy three a hundred and forty four 148 292
NDQ 200-18.5-a hundred sixty five V1  18.5kw-4(180M) seventy three 153 148 301
NDQ 200-18.5-210 V1  18.5kw-4(180M) 73 153 148 301
NDQ 200-22-165 V1  22kw-4(180L) 73 one hundred seventy 148 318
NDQ 200-22-210 V1  22kw-4(180L) 73 one hundred seventy 148 318
NDQ 200-22-250 V1  22kw-4(180L) seventy three a hundred and seventy 148 318
NDQ 200-30-one hundred sixty five V1  30kw-4(200L) seventy three 228 148 376
NDQ 200-thirty-210 V1  30kw-4(200L) 73 228 148 376
NDQ 225-37-a hundred sixty five V1  37kw-4(225S) 73 270 148 418
NDQ 225-37-210 V1  37kw-4(225S) 73 270 148 418
NDQ 225-45-165 V1  45kw-4(225M) seventy three 280 215 495
NDQ 225-forty five-210 V1  45kw-4(225M) 73 280 215 495

Set up


Model NDQ132 NDQ160 NDQ200 NDQ225
A 380 430 490 540
B 340 390 450 five hundred
C one hundred 100 130 one hundred thirty
D 60 sixty 80 80
E 14 16 16 16
F 8/10 twelve/fourteen fourteen/sixteen 18
G 230 250 340 350
H seventeen.3/22.3 24.3/27.eight 27.8/31.8 34.4
I 28/38 42/48 48/55 60
J 19 19 19 19
K three hundred 350 four hundred 450
L 265 300 365 four hundred
M 235 272 365 371
N 300 358 405 460
O 209 211 229 249
P a hundred and fifteen(1:10) a hundred and fifteen(1:10) 115(1:ten) 135(1:10)
Q 55 60 70 80
R 31.8 34.four 39.nine 45.four
S 16 18 20 22

one. Are you producer?
Response: Of course we are a cooling tower producer found in ZheJiang Province China. With 18 years of production and OEM provider for a number of model of CZPT CZPT tower.
two. Can you supply the CZPT tower areas diverse with the specification in above displaying sort?
Response: We can company and freshly design for particular get dependent on your presented specification and drawing or functionality demands.
3. What merchandise are you producing?
Response: CZPT towers with its accessories (motor, metal frame, plastic elements, FRP panel, PVC infill, motor, h2o pump, motor enthusiast, management box for fan)
4. What is the shipping and delivery time?
Solution: For spherical variety CZPT tower beneath 300RT, we have inventory in warehouse. Other sort CZPT tower, need to have to creation on acquire the PO. Leading time 15 doing work days.
five. What is your top quality warranty?
Response: 1 year for motor, 2 years for metal parts, 5 years for FRP pannel. Cost-free elements offered during garrantee peroid.
six. How numerous staff operating in your manufacturing facility?
Reply: 270 employees at the stop of 2013.
7. Do you have any creation management technique or certification for goods.
Solution: ISO 9001: 2008 high quality and setting management program certificates. CTI certificate for CZPT towers.


Jo.h Zhu

Sales Manager 
For CZPT tower info remember to go to to newinmachine
For CZPT tower components information remember to go to to newinmachine

The expression “gearbox” is used to refer to any unit that connects a motor to a device and is made up of a sequence of gears, also acknowledged as a equipment set. It receives the primary input velocity from the motor and modifications it to a diverse output pace utilizing its gears. Various kinds and mixtures of gears provide certain purposes. The varieties of gears located in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The overall performance efficiency of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the pace of the input supply to the pace of the output resource
Gearboxes are mechanical products that support drive methods keep ideal velocity and torque for apps. Also known as gearboxes and gear drives, they minimize the rotational velocity of the input shaft by a specific proportion and improve the electricity shipped to the output shaft by the identical percentage. Ratio multipliers boost the deceleration and torque supplied by the reducer by a specific ratio and are suited for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are components employed with the reducer. They are typically utilised in apps where the reducer is not right related to the push mechanism.

China high quality Low Noise Planetary Gear Reducer for Axial Fan     with Free Design Custom